Dunsbury Hill Farm – New Development Proposal Affects on Waterlooville

Today I received a letter from HBC (Havant Borough Council) pertaining to the proposed development of the Dunsbury Hill Farm site, adjacent to the A3(M).

The description of the development is as follows:

Site Address: Dunsbury Hill Farm, Park Lane, Cowplain, Waterlooville

Proposed Development: Hybrid planning application comprising a part outline application relating to employment uses and a hotel with conference  facilities and a part detailed application for a new link road with bus gate to Woolston Road; together with landscaping, infrastructure and associated works.

I am sure that they don’t intend to hide what this development really means but on first reading I was quite happy to go along with it. After all a new hotel and conference centre would not increase the daily traffic levels and road traffic noise. The additional employment opportunities that this would bring is also to welcomed.

However, without reading the actual proposal one is not likely to see what this really is. In their own words …

… proposed development of agricultural land at Dunsbury Hill Farm, Havant into a business and technology park with hotel, conference facilities and associated infrastructure

The  development proposal includes the creation of a new roundabout and potential dualling of a section of the Hulbert Road. In addition there are plans to create a new parking area double the area of the current lay-bys this development will replace. All of this is an indication of the increased traffic that the developers are anticipating.
I have lived in this area since 1985. The survey that I had on my house at the time carries a final comment

shame about the noise from the motorway

Over the years  I have become aware of the increasing noise levels and the changing nature of the noise. Waterlooville, specifically Junction 3 (J3), the junction of the B2150 with the A3(M),  has become something of a hub for the emergency services. As a result anyone living near to this junction will have noticed the increased siren activity. If recent news articles are to be believed the newly opened Hindhead Tunnel is also contributing to increased noise levels along the A3(M) due to heavy goods traffic choosing the A3(M) in preference to the M3 now that the Hindhead traffic jams have been eliminated.
The application pack includes  tables indicating noise levels. The constant theme running through the comments section is

A3 constant and dominant.

What is wrong with these tables is that they are taking noise level reading from a point on the centre line of the A3(M) into the development area and on into Calshot Road & Park Lane areas of Leigh Park. No measurements seem to have been taken from the Waterlooville side of the A3(M).

Yet this is the area that will probably be most affected by the additional traffic generated by the new development.

The location of this new development makes total sense when you consider the easy access to the motorway. Allowing traffic to clear the area very quickly.  However, the very fact that all that traffic will be coming and going via J3 of the A3(M) is going to have a negative effect on the area.

Presumably the planners are thinking that this new development will provide jobs for the soon to be residents of the Berewood (ex Newlands) development on the opposite side of Waterlooville. Did they also consider the additional traffic that will inexorably be sucked across the town ? Such traffic will also be using the J3 roundabout.

I also have other questions, ones that I have asked in other of my posts …

  1. Are there any potential tenants who have committed to take up residence of these new units when they are built ?
  2. Has a major hotel chain registered any interest in running this proposed hotel and conference centre ?
  3. Was the land adjacent to Junction 2, Horndean, considered as the site for this development ? If it was, why was it rejected since there is less potential for affecting local residents and the motorway access is just as good ?I am assuming that the answer is that the land comes under East Hampshire District Council rather than Portsmouth City Council.

I am the first to bemoan the fact that the planners don’t seem to have done much to provide employment for the residents of Waterlooville. So I am loath to be totally negative about this proposed development. However, I don’t believe that the planners have got the true measure of the impact that this development will have.

As usual the only people who will truly gain from this are the developers and, for a short while, the folks employed to carry out the construction.

8 thoughts on “Dunsbury Hill Farm – New Development Proposal Affects on Waterlooville”

  1. Interesting entry – as a resident of ‘Lower Bere Wood’ in Waterlooville I’m also concerned about the change of name to Berewood. How many do they want? This will add to confusion for deliveries and (I hope not) emergency services. Wasn’t there a competition run where the winner was ‘Newlands’?

    1. Thanks for the comment Mike, Must admit I hadn’t thought about the potential confusion aspect regarding the development name. Similarly, I wasn’t aware that there had been a competition for the name. I guess that is further evidence of one of my greatest gripes, the apparent lack of publicity / communication of planning activities. One simply cannot rely on the local papers to provide timely notice of local planning activities. Trawling the local authority websites can be time consuming and not altogether rewarding.

  2. Living just off Park Lane Cow plain, I am very confused about the address. Map and the above comments indicate the area concerned is nowhere near here. More appropriate address Hulbert Road Havant
    Why has this development been kept so very quiet?
    Once again this area is being developed without local people having a say. Why is the News not publicising this?

    1. The thing is that Park Lane runs from Cowplain down to Tempest Avenue where it disappears. It then crosses the A3(M) before running down to Calshot Road in Leigh Park. For you the proposed development probably isn’t an immediate issue. As for keeping the development quiet, I’m pretty sure they are doing as much to publicise planning applications as they ever do. That is, all the info is on the council website and of course you can always read the little notice that they attach to lamp posts. I think I first read about this in the News. But t of course they always put a positive spin on things as do the council. This development will be good for the area, will provide hundreds of jobs … blah … blah … blah. All without a shred of evidence, without any commitments from any businesses that they will move onto the new site. It’s all pie in the sky.

    2. Just in case you want to delve into the detail here is the application reference APP/12/00338. You can use it to view all the application documents on the HBC website.

  3. Is this the construction that has been resonating through the side of waterlooville adjacent to the A3?

    1. As far as I am aware there is no work happening on the Dunsbury Hill Farm Site at this time. There has not been a decision regarding the planning application for the site. There is, however, work on the A3(M) at night time which I can hear well into the wee small hours. Perhaps that is what you are referring to.

  4. There’s plenty going on now. As to the question of why there, and not Horndean, the answer is that like Leigh Park, the land is owned by Portsmouth and not Havant, and of late there has been a high demand for industrial units, and I think we all know that even with the new one in Havant by the roundabout, visitors to the area, especially on business, have literally had almost no choice of accommodation without long journies into Portsmouth or beyond.

    As far as finding out about new stuff going on, the planning page on the Havant Borough website has been bought more in line with East Hants which is no surprise as the same IT people do both sites, and you can register for notifications, updates etc.

    I monitor planning apps for the Havant Area Disability Access Group ( and we receive a weekly email of the weeks applications, complete with links to the database provided you are reading on an internet connected device. I was closely involved in getting it to that useful point. I believe you can simply contact planning and ask to be added to the list.

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