Care fears as Waterlooville day warden services are taken away

Over the last couple of years the media has been full of stories that indicate just how little the people of this country seem to care about the elderly and infirm. And for those that do care there is the feeling that the authorities cannot be trusted.

Here is an article that seems to promote that view, that once folk take the decision to move into care homes, they have no guarantee that the expected support services will continue. Even if they have signed contracts. This seems to be the experience of Paul Bayliss-Marten

Under the terms of his tenancy – and that of those in the other 69 flats in The Lodge, Lavender Road, Waterlooville – a warden was available from 9am to 9pm.

But that has been suddenly taken away by housing association Guinness Care and Support leaving Mr Bayliss-Marten, 61, with an alarm cord to pull if he gets into trouble.

Guinness announced last month that from April the daytime warden would be replaced by a mobile team during the day which responds when the alarm cord is pulled.


What happens when the “mobile team” is off-site ?

How will a resident have to wait for the “mobile team” compared to waiting for an on-site warden ?

The casual observer has to ask who is looking after the rights of these folk. Well one organisation, Age Concern (now part of Age UK) had this to say

Chris Perry, director of Age Concern Hampshire, said such changes are on the increase.

He added: ‘Many people take tenancies out on the understanding there is going to be a resident warden.

‘I can understand their concerns but equally from the point of view of the housing association I can understand they can’t have someone on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.’

Well that’s a nice balanced view but it doesn’t address the underlying problem that these folks have a tenancy agreement which provides for a Warden to be available from 9am to 9pm.

The housing association have changed the service that they are providing. Did they discuss things before hand or have they just ridden rough shod over the rights and wishes of the residents.
Care fears as Waterlooville day warden services are taken away – Local Health – The News.

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