Will We Treat Cameron To The Same End

The link below is to an article in which the death is reported, of Admiral Byng. He was executed on this day in 1757.

Byng appears to have been executed to cover up the Admiralty’s incompetence in providing him with an inadequate fleet to relieve Minorca

I draw a parallel here with our current circumstances surrounding the Falkland Islands. Argentina is again stirring up over their claim to the Falklands. Should they, once again, decide to attack the islands we will be in no position to protect the islanders.

We have no active carriers, and no Harriers even if we did have. The RAF cannot provide support to that area of the world it is just too far, well beyond the range of any military aircraft. The Army and Marines would be terribly exposed without air cover.

So I ask …. Would the fate, that befell Admiral Byng, fall upon David Cameron and his government should we fail to relieve the Falkland Islands if Argentina was to attack again ?

‘The fatal volley went off in an instant. Five bullets struck Byng. The sixth passed over his head. He fell forward stone dead.’

Perhaps, if that punishment were an option, Cameron and his government might take a different view of our nations protection.

Execution of admiral was cover-up – Remember When – The News.

One thought on “Will We Treat Cameron To The Same End

  1. It is a worrying situation that we find ourselves in, particularly with the Argentinian’s current rhetoric and the American’s seemingly nodding in agreement. Although I wonder how much of it was a hash by Labour inherited and then further bungled by Cameron.

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