View From The Conservatory

09:15 For the second time this week I am able to observe the traffic chaos build following a road traffic accident at the junction of the B2150 and the A3(M). It appears that there has been a rear end shunt.

The lack of foliage on the trees and bushes means that I can see right through to the entry point on the roundabout. On Monday the accident occurred a little earlier and we were able to change our planned route to get Gerry to work. Today, however, it has happened while I was delivering Gerry to work and I have had to claw my way through the tailbacks to get home.

09:28 So far there are 4 police cars an ambulance and now a fire engine has just arrived.

For some reason the police have stopped traffic from traversing the roundabout thereby forcing all traffic up to wards Waterlooville. There will be a total logjam soon.

A second fire engine as also just arrived.

I hope the motorists are not seriously hurt. The presence of the fire brigade usually indicates possibility of fire, or perhaps the cutting into vehicles to remove anyone with the possibility of neck or spinal injuries.

Just to make life more difficult it has started to rain.

09:33 Third fire engine and a further fire vehicle have just arrived.

09:47 The roof of the car that was rear ended has been removed and is lying on the ground.

09:49 Bracing boards are being offered into the accident victims position.

09:54 The injured motorist has been lifted clear of the vehicle.

09:57 And is loaded into the ambulance.

10:10 Ambulance still has not departed. Vehicle recovery truck is waiting to move in.

10:20 Ambulance has gone and recovery truck has now moved into position to pick up the decapitated car.

10:26 Car is loaded. We still have 4 police cars and a police motor cycle the sneaked in quietly.

11:45 So I’ve managed to have a work conference call in the last hour and all is now clear and running free.

Hope the actions taken to extricate the motorist from their car were mostly preventative and that they make a swift recovery.

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