£1m McDonald’s Bedhampton drive-through gets green light

Yet another farcical decision by our local planners.

Have they ever visited this site ? How many times have they sat in the queue waiting to either get into Asda to go shopping or even just to go and get fuel. Many times I have seen the traffic backed out of the site and I have decided to go elsewhere or even just go home to return another day.

I think it is just what we need, more traffic entering the Asda site. Admittedly when the store is closed and the kiosk-pay petrol pumps are closed then there really won’t be an issue. However, for the rest of the time i.e. during waking and normal working hours this new development will surely add to the aggravation.

As usual there are the weasely words about creating jobs but what will happen to the McDonald’s branch in Waterlooville centre. I’m guessing that it will fade away in the evenings.

£1m McDonald’s Bedhampton drive-through gets green light – Politics – The News.

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