The Wild Ride Has Started

I have retired.

I am now un-employed.

My last day in the office was Friday but, I guess officially, I didn’t become truly un-employed until midnight last night.

Today is pension pay day since my old employer pays on the 6th of the month and the pension is continuing thst theme. So I was glad to see that the money has gone into my account.

You may think that I shouldn’t be surprised but you would not believe how difficult the HR and Pensions folks made it for me to leave.

I have one last work related task to do and that is to attend a farewell lunch / buffet at the clubhouse today.

So not too onerous a task, he says with a huge grin.

And then its on to the wild ride and the rest of my life.

One thought on “The Wild Ride Has Started”

  1. Retirement can be wonderful or stressful and boring, I know when my pop retired he didn’t know what to do with himself for a while and ended up extending his house to give him something to do not because it needed extending. My dad became very interested in computers when he retired, now he spends his days reading,as a child I never saw my dad with a book but since 2009 he has taken to reading all the time and goes through books like no ones business

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