Chateau Hautefort

The weather, since we arrived, has been nothing like we had anticipated. We had expected for the temperatures to be higher than back in the UK. Apart from a couple of days, the temperatures have been quite low, the days have been dull and the last couple of days have been decidedly wet. With that… Continue reading Chateau Hautefort

Tis The Season To Be Wary

Please excuse the play on words. It may be Christmas but, down here in Oz, it is the height of summer, in fact Monday was the longest day. Being the longest day may have a different meaning for the various folks involved in fighting the bush fires raging across the country. With temperatures up in the… Continue reading Tis The Season To Be Wary

Curzon Rooms Fire – It Was Only A Matter Of Time

Once again, and the second time in less than a month, The Curzon Rooms in Waterlooville have been the target of arsonists. The Curzon Rooms building has been an eyesore for many years, slowly decomposing, while the owners and Havant Borough Council have played pat-a-cake around the planning regs. The generally poor condition of the… Continue reading Curzon Rooms Fire – It Was Only A Matter Of Time