The Wreckers Move In

Following the arson attack, which hammered home the final nail in the derelict buildings coffin, demolition teams have moved in to start work on The Curzon Rooms. One time cinema and function rooms this building has been an eyesore for well over a decade.

The fire has finally triggered some action. Various plans for the site have been proposed but none have made it from the drawing board into reality. The building has been classified as dangerous and is being demolished. The work is scheduled to take about a month and permission has been given for the site to be turned into a car park.

Presumably this will bring in some revenue for the owners but will not do much to inject some life into the town as a shopping centre. The expectation was that this site would be developed into both retail and residential premises to instill a bit of life into Waterlooville.

A car park is hardly the result that Waterlooville residents would have hoped for. Does this mean that plans for flats and shops will now go on hold indefinitely ?

It’s the end for old cinema as wreckers start – Environment – Portsmouth News.

Curzon Rooms Fire – It Was Only A Matter Of Time

Once again, and the second time in less than a month, The Curzon Rooms in Waterlooville have been the target of arsonists.

The Curzon Rooms building has been an eyesore for many years, slowly decomposing, while the owners and Havant Borough Council have played pat-a-cake around the planning regs. The generally poor condition of the building has not been a welcoming site for potential businesses who may have been tempted to come to Waterlooville.

Havant Borough Council have not made life easy for the owners of the Curzon Rooms otherwise the site would have been redeveloped many years ago. In the meantime Waterlooville Town Centre has slowly gone down hill while the council focus on creating a “retail park” style shopping centre on the west side of the town.

So what was already an eyesore has now become even more of one. It is time for HBC to get the building forcibly demolished.

Curzon Rooms fire, Waterlooville. Picture Malcolm Wells
Curzon Rooms fire, Waterlooville. Picture Malcolm Wells

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