Racist Photograph Analysis Software – Really ?

Women with darker skin are more than twice as likely to be told their photos fail UK passport rules when they submit them online than lighter-skinned men, according to a BBC investigation.

So claims this BBC news article.

BBC News – UK passport photo checker shows bias against dark-skinned women https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-54349538

One black student said she was wrongly told her mouth looked open each time she uploaded five different photos to the government website.

Here is my own, personal, experience of the governments racist software.

I took a series of photos of my wife and selected the best of them to submit to the passport system. The selected photo was rejected on the basis that it didn’t meet the criteria. The issue was that the system couldn’t identify a clear demarcation of my wife’s hairline and her face, my wife is white skinned with blonde hair.

This experience has just highlighted the difference between automated systems and the human eye. In some circumstances the human eye is far superior.

The process, however, does allow you to challenge the automated rejection and to provide your argument as to why it is wrong. According to the article Ms Owusu did challenge the rejection and had her photo accepted.

I also challenged the rejection and the passport application was duly processed and my wife received her new passport.

This shows how “systemic racism” can spread, Elaine Owusu said.

This article has turned a frustrating technological problem into a problem of racism.

Is Ms Owusu suggesting that the software developers have programmed the system to give people of colour a hard time. To what end ?

Elaine Owusu, I think you are just jumping on the racism bandwagon and I, for one, am sick of the racism card being played at every turn.

The issue of racism is being rammed down our throats every minute of the day. Programming on the TV channels with a colour bias along with the adverts during and between programs. Open any newspaper and there it is.

All that this article proves is that the software is not perfect. It is not racist, just flawed. As technology advances the errors will reduce.

BBC star salaries: Gary Lineker takes pay cut

BBC News – BBC star salaries: Gary Lineker takes pay cut as Zoe Ball shoots up list https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-54119758

I guess he will really feel the pinch, taking a £400,000 pay cut. And he will still be grabbing over a million.

And for what? Talking about football !!!

And let’s not forget about the money he gets for promoting Walkers crisps.

Should we feel sorry for him ? No way !!!

Linekers salary is just obscene and yet they, the BBC, need to take away the free TV license for the over 75’s

The BBC need a reality check.

Thank You Boris

Finally Boris speaks out against the stupidity being perpetrated by the BBC.

“I think it’s time we stopped our cringing embarrassment about our history”

Hear hear !!!

Mike Harding – Fired on the phone after 15 years with the BBC

‘I’d like to thank Mike Harding, who has spent 15 years at the top of his game, delighting fans with his expertise and rooting out the very best folk music. On his watch, folk has enjoyed a huge surge in popularity and Mike has been key in supporting the genre and introducing Radio 2 listeners to a broad range of new artists.

So says Bob Shennan, controller of Radio 2, who has sacked Mike Harding.

This is the corporation doing what they do best, cocking things up.

And for why ?

To make room for former Radio 1 breakfast show host Mark Radcliffe. Are they going to have him host a folk show, I don’t think so. So not only is this a slap in the face for Mike Harding but it is a catastrophe for the British folk fans. The loss of a national weekly folk show will be hard for the BBC to recover from.

This decision makes absolutely no sense.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2219706/Mike-Harding-Fury-Radio-2-presenter-fired-phone-15-years-BBC.html#ixzz29gEEO32J
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Mike Harding: Fury of Radio 2 presenter who was fired on the phone after 15 years with the BBC | Mail Online.

Doom and Gloom

Thursday morning. This would normally be a late start but due to some schedule shuffling I had to get up earlier than normal. This is not good and I was demonstrating my “not happy” shuffle between bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Fifty minutes later I am sat behind the wheel of my car.

Things have not improved. To go with my mental state the weather has conspired to compound my condition. It is dull, drismal, almost foggy. The kind of weather that means the sensor on my car can’t cope and I have to manually intervene and start and stop the wipers or drive with the automotive equivalent of an opaque bathroom window. This is all becoming just too much to bear.

Having dropped my wife and friend of at work I am heading home when I have an epiphany.

Wow !!!

All of a sudden the indecipherable mush coming from the radio leapt into focus. My hand reached for the volume control and cranked it up to the max.

The reason for this sudden burst of activity ?

Chris Evans, Radio 2, was playing the new Rolling Stones single. Fabulous. Folks they are back, this is old style Rolling Stones. “What’s it called ?” I hear you ask .


‘Doom And Gloom’ marks the first time that Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood have been in the studio together for seven years and as an apparent worldwide exclusive, until 08:25, Chris went ahead and played it all over again.

Brilliant. Since this is not on YouTube yet I thought I’d plug in a Stones track here as a place holder and as an alternative for all you folks who didn’t get to hear the best thing on the radio for months, dare I say it, years.

And another to keep you going. Watch a 63 year old Mick Jagger sprint down the length of the stage and still keep singing, presumably at the end of the show. He puts many youngsters to shame, Oh, and me.

Destruction Of An Icon ?

I have been watching the ongoing reporting and investigations into Jimmy Saville with a large degree of disquiet.

This man was a household name, present in our living rooms for a number of years, via “Top of the Pops” “Clunk Click” and “Jim’ll Fix It” on a weekly basis. He was famous for all the charitable works and the public persona he presented showed no real hint of the revelations now gracing the newspapers and other media. He was and is an icon but that status

Assuming that the allegations, that are now coming to light about “Uncle Jimmy”, are true then there is no doubt that he was aided by his staff and those at the BBC. The weight of anecdotal evidence is growing daily. Only time will tell if the police determine if this turns into solid evidence.

I do have some understanding why the young girls did not come forward at the time and make complaints. It is for the same reason that any child does not complain about being abused by family members, parents or priests. There is always a sense of power or fear although that comes down to the same thing in the final analysis.

While I do understand the victims reluctance or reticence to speak out, I don’t understand the many people around Saville who stood by and DID NOTHING.

I watched the Exposure documentary on ITV and one person describes being dragged away from Saville after an alleged assault. She describes how the staff berated her for her bad mouth and told her that she would only be allowed back into the inner circle if she retracted what she had said about him. This in itself is the staff condoning what he, Saville, was doing.

Many people have now come forward and described the rumours that were going around the BBC. Rumours that had gone up to senior management. Yet nobody did anything, nobody warned Saville to back off, to stop doing whatever he was doing that was feeding the “rumours”.

All these people colluded with Saville and by their inaction provided him with a steady supply of victims. We as a society let the victims down because we created a an untouchable “star”, a celebrity that nobody wanted to cross in case it impacted the charitable works he was involved in.

One also has to question where the press has been in all of this. With all the rumours that were going around I am absolutely amazed that the press did not pick this up and run with it. After all they have run with less and hounded people with less to be ashamed about.

The disquiet I feel is that a “star”, someone who I sat and watched with my children in our living room, a person that we admired and respected is in fact somewhat tarnished.

I am also feeling sorrow for the charities that must be wondering what may have happened under the umbrella of their charity names, have they been tarnished by Savilles activities ? To a degree I also feel sorry for his remaining family members although I suspect that they may have had some idea of what “Uncle Jimmy” was like.

But most of all I feel very sorry for the victims that have had to live with the memory of his actions.

Who hoo – It’s Coming

At last, the wait is over, Series 7 of Dr Who gets underway this Saturday.

For those of us that remember the very first Doctor -William Hartnell, the shaky sets and watching in black and white from the very beginning of this British saga, the latest incarnation is far removed from its roots. The special effects are up there with the very best and the series can still make the cold crinklies run up and down ones spine.

Watch the trailer for the new series…..

Asylum of the Daleks: Saturday, 7.20pm on BBC One!

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