Are Great Whites Fans Of AC/DC ?

If you were asked “What sort of music do you think a Great White Shark would like ?” it is unlikely that you would suggest Mozart or Leonard Cohen. Younger folks might suggest a bit of gangsta rap. But the folks of my era might be encouraged by the fact that these awesome fish seem to have an affinity for AC/DC at least according to Matt Waller.

Waller, a tour operator in Australia, “believes sharks love AC/DC because their sensitive hearing is compatible with the band’s low frequency music and says they are particularly keen on Shook Me All Night Long”. Waller is using the music to encourage the Great Whites to get up close and personal for his cage-diving clients. Apparently the sharks like to rub against the cage to feel the vibes.

Maybe that’s a shark form of head-banging. Personally I think that’s pretty cool and I’m glad that it hasn’t been determined that Great Whites like Terry Wogan singing the Floral Dance.

Great white sharks ‘love AC/DC’ |

Hughs Fish Fight Letter

To Commissioner Damanaki, Members of the European Parliament and all member state governments, 

I have seen images of dead and dying fish discarded in European waters.

I understand that the current Common Fisheries Policy leads to discarding on a vast scale; for example, half of all fish caught in the North Sea are being discarded because of the current quota system imposed by the CFP.

I want this senseless waste of food to end. I want you to use your influence to  stop this unacceptable  and shameful practice.

I am supporting the Fish Fight campaign to help bring about this vital change in our seas.

Weazel – RIP

Stepped out of my front door this morning to be confronted with a corpse, that of a Weazel.

Weazel - Victim of local cat ?

The poor little fellow is probably the latest victim of one of my neighbours cats who have been responsible for other deaths over the last few days.  This is no wild accusation as I observed one of them consuming the remains of a Wood Pigeon at the beginning of the week.

On numerous occasions my neighbour has bemoaned their activities as they seem to like to bring her “presents”. These have variously included slow worms, frogs, rats, mice, squirrels and of course birds. All have been delivered in various phases of dismemberment.

Well here is one she won’t have to deal with.

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