Albany, WA

And so to my final post inspired by our trip south of Perth. Our route has taken us from Perth, through Margaret River, Pemberton, Walpole and Denmark to our final destination, Albany. Albany is the oldest permanently settled town in WA. It was founded on 26 December 1826, predating Perth and Fremantle by over two years. Its… Continue reading Albany, WA

Northam, Pelicans, Kookaburras, Bushfires and a Good Samaritan

Continuing our general exploration of the Perth region we headed out to the township of Northam. The main reason for heading that way is that Northam is said to have the largest number of historic buildings in Western Australia (other than Fremantle). Northam is just over 30 Km north of York, which we have visited before,… Continue reading Northam, Pelicans, Kookaburras, Bushfires and a Good Samaritan

View From The Conservatory

My recent angling experiences are limited to salt water,  mainly here in the UK and, to a lesser extent, in Western Australia. Here in the UK, especially when fishing from a boat, if a fish is caught or perhaps old bait is thrown overboard seagulls will materialise out of thin air. Where none could be… Continue reading View From The Conservatory

Penguin Island

Yesterday we decided to take a run down to Rockingham and Penguin Island. Penguin Island is part of the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park and, as the name suggests, is the home to a colony of Fairie Penguins as well as providing nesting sites for several species of gull and Pelicans. The weather was beautiful and… Continue reading Penguin Island