Penguin Island

Yesterday we decided to take a run down to Rockingham and Penguin Island.

Penguin Island is part of the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park and, as the name suggests, is the home to a colony of Fairie Penguins as well as providing nesting sites for several species of gull and Pelicans.

The weather was beautiful and after a short drive and an even shorter ferry boat crossing we spent a very enjoyable couple of hours walking the island. Part of the Penguin Island experience is a short educational session at the Discovery Centre where a few penguins receive treats and are used to explain a little about these delightful creatures. I should point out the penguins in the discovery centre have been rescued and deemed unlikely to survive being returned to the wild.

So here are a few snaps which will I hope convey what a beautiful place this small island is.

Bay Colony FeedMe Jetty Little1 Little2 Little3 MumandYoung NearlyThere Pelican PenguinIsland PenguinIslandApproach PrepareforTakeOff Rock Rock2 Rock3 Soaring Tongue Trio Tufty Tufty2 Whatsfortea

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