Grainger Engagement Infrastructure Alterations

Originally posted on West of Waterlooville:
Hi All, Following feedback from the West of Waterlooville Forum Meeting (6 July); there was a general consensus that resident’s may feel they would benefit from more involvement and engagement in understanding works especially infrastructure improvements/alterations. More specifically when works are proposed and what these works entail. Both Grainger…

First Footings

Day four and the guys have worked really hard. A little bit of hand digging to finish off the footings trench then it was on to preparing the steel reinforcements. The picture above also shows the first barrow load of concrete poured into the trench. The guys had to barrow all the concrete round from… Continue reading First Footings

“Where’s yer stop-cock Bob?”

The ground preparation for the conservatory build carries on apace. The digger arrived early yesterday morning and, along with a pneumatic drill, was soon put to work digging out the old footings. However, proceedings came to an abrupt halt when the kitchen drain was discovered and the pipe cracked. This was duly repaired and the… Continue reading “Where’s yer stop-cock Bob?”

Further Adventures In Conservatory Land

The longer we delve into the construction of our old conservatory, the more we find out just how crap a job was carried out by the previous contractor all those years ago. I guess we are lucky that it stood for twenty-five years. Based on this mornings investigations it has been decided that the old… Continue reading Further Adventures In Conservatory Land

Resurrection – A Tale Of Two Conservatories

Over the last couple of years I have been posting under the banner “View From The Conservatory”. I thought it was probably time I showed you where my observations originated from. My main reason for this is the fact that we are knocking it down. To be replaced with a new bright shiny one. Here… Continue reading Resurrection – A Tale Of Two Conservatories

Early Days

Yesterday was the first day (officially) of my retirement. However, it was not totally disassociated from work, as there was to be an official luncheon. The IBM Hursley clubhouse had put on a beautiful spread for the buffet and I thank them for that. There weren’t as many attendees as might have been, had I… Continue reading Early Days