First Footings

Day four and the guys have worked really hard. A little bit of hand digging to finish off the footings trench then it was on to preparing the steel reinforcements.

Conservatory - Steel re-inforcement for the footings
Conservatory – Steel reinforcement for the footings

The picture above also shows the first barrow load of concrete poured into the trench.

Conservatory - Concrete delivery
Conservatory – Concrete delivery

The guys had to barrow all the concrete round from the front of the house to the back.

Conservatory - Barrowing concrete
Conservatory – Barrowing concrete

Two deliveries later and the footings were complete…

Conservatory - We have footings
Conservatory – We have footings

In between concrete deliveries the grab truck returned to remove the last of the spoil and the mini digger was collected and taken away. We have also had a delivery of bricks.

The guys now have a the weekend off. Back on Monday morning to start laying the brick base.

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