Further Adventures In Conservatory Land

Huh !! These footings were supposed to be at lease a meter deep. They are barely the depth of the spade. The tip of the spade is just under the concrete footings.

The longer we delve into the construction of our old conservatory, the more we find out just how crap a job was carried out by the previous contractor all those years ago.

I guess we are lucky that it stood for twenty-five years.

Conservatory - The final wall is down.
Conservatory – The final wall is down.

Based on this mornings investigations it has been decided that the old footings will have to be dug out completely. I’m guessing that is probably the best course of action.

So, to keep up the momentum a mechanical digger is being brought in to dig out the new footings. Also a “grab truck” has been booked to take away the spoils.

To get the mechanical digger round to our back garden we have had to remove my neighbours fence. Thankfully we have good neighbours.

Conservatory - Neighbours fence removed. Large holes in garage wall.
Conservatory – Neighbours fence removed. Large holes in garage wall.

The holes in the garage wall are as a result of the original builders keying the conservatory wall into the existing garage wall. When the conservatory shifted over the last twenty-five years it snapped quite a few bricks. They will have to be replaced as part of the new build.

Tomorrow will be another fun day in Conservatory Land.

One thought on “Further Adventures In Conservatory Land”

  1. Doesn’t it suck when we find out the original job was a half ass job and this means the new job is more involved then we first expected. It’s good that your neighbours are good and understanding the end result should be bloody great though

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