View From The Conservatory

View From The Conservatory

I was on alien watch last night. Our back garden was ringing with the shrieking and wailing of wild beasts. The thumps and groans started in the mid evening and continued well into the wee small hours. The truth of the matter is that they, the anonymous they, were carrying out road works all through the night. Just as they had the previous evening. The machines make a noise akin to the sound that I imagine a thousand vacuum cleaners might make. As I was already suffering with a cold / flu / virus thingy and couldn’t sleep I thought i would try a bit of random photography. I am really quite pleased with the effects especially the “flying saucers” … lol. No batteries required.

Village’s struggle enters European stage – Portsmouth News

THE plight of villagers in Hambledon will be taken to Brussels following the visit of an influential Member of the European Parliament

What’s has this got to do with Brussels and the EU ?

While it is nice to know that one of our MEPs, Richard Ashworth, is taking an interest I fail to see how the EU can be involved.

This is part of a wider UK issue, much of which has been caused by lack of action by our local and national authorities.

Central government has systematically cut or removed funding for many of the organisations responsible for managing our environment. The net of this is a reduction in manpower leading to works, that have been carried out for hundreds of years, remaining undone.

Add to this the idiotic planning approvals that have seen homes built on flood plains and the huge developments in general that are replacing open ground, which can absorb water, with houses and roads which do not absorb water but cause accelerated run off.

These are local issues which should be dealt with at a local, to the UK, level. This is not a European issue.

Right now, we should be curtailing the sending of UK funds to foreign countries. That money should be spent to resolve local UK issues.

Village’s struggle enters European stage – Portsmouth News.

Fears over future of field at centre of three Hampshire villages

Fears over future of field at centre of three Hampshire villages – Portsmouth News.

The developers are out for one thing and one thing only, to line their own pockets and the sad thing is that our local planners are letting them get away with it. Taylor Wimpey are threatening to build 220 new homes on a beautiful piece of countryside just a short distance away  from an existing development of 275 homes.
Lynn McIver, speaking for Taylor Wimpey, has said

 ‘We are confident that this scheme will provide an attractive and sustainable development of much-needed housing in the area, as well as delivering affordable housing for local people.’

Decimating our local heritage, our beautiful countryside is never “attractive”. Hampshire is being eroded, one plot, one field, one farm at a time. This is just the latest foray by the developers and if allowed to proceed will be a disaster.

A consultation is scheduled to be held in Clanfield Memorial Hall, South Lane, on March 7, from 2pm to 7.30pm.

Be there and make your voices heard.

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White Dirt Farm Plans Emerge

The planners have allowed the countryside around Waterlooville to be trashed. Now the developers have their beady eyes set on Horndean. This has to be stopped.


It was only a matter of time before the owners of White Dirt Farm were approached by a developer, and this has now happened. The sightings prior to Christmas of surveyors on the land were an early warning and Taylor Wimpey UK has broken cover as the interested developer.

Needless to say I am totally opposed to any development on White Dirt Farm as it is important gap land, and to do so would be of serious detriment to the landscape and area. There are far better areas to build on such as Hazleton Farm where a large scheme with structured facilities could make a significant contribution to Horndean. This is not the right location for any housing or development at all, and I will work hard to oppose this.

The land is in the Catherington & Lovedean ward and Councillor Sara Schillemore is the Ward Councillor. Sara is a…

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Help Stop This Now

Heavily armed police just burned 1,000 homes to the ground to force indigenous families out of the Kenyan forest where they’ve lived for centuries. This desperate community needs our help to save their homes — and the forest — before it’s destroyed forever.

The World Bank has given millions of our tax dollars to the Kenyan forest police who are annihilating this ancient community. And — with new funding at stake this year — the Bank has massive leverage over the government. So far the Bank is staying mum, but if enough of us supercharge the community’s call for help, we can force it to demand this horror stops.

World Bank President Jim Yong Kim says he wants to change the Bank. Let’s hold him to his word, demanding that he call on the Kenyan government to stop these vicious land grabs and commit to new human rights standards for all future grants. When a million of us sign, we’ll grab Kim’s attention by showing burning homes outside the Bank’s Washington HQ.

Add your name now.

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