View From The Conservatory

View From The Conservatory

I was on alien watch last night. Our back garden was ringing with the shrieking and wailing of wild beasts. The thumps and groans started in the mid evening and continued well into the wee small hours. The truth of the matter is that they, the anonymous they, were carrying out road works all through the night. Just as they had the previous evening. The machines make a noise akin to the sound that I imagine a thousand vacuum cleaners might make. As I was already suffering with a cold / flu / virus thingy and couldn’t sleep I thought i would try a bit of random photography. I am really quite pleased with the effects especially the “flying saucers” … lol. No batteries required.

3 thoughts on “View From The Conservatory”

  1. That’s pretty damn good!

    I was reading something the other day about the recent decline in UFO sightings. Apparently it’s owed to the fact so many people have camera phones with such good quality cameras, as opposed to old camcorders that create shaky, grainy images that can easily be misunderstood!

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