White Dirt Farm Plans Emerge

The planners have allowed the countryside around Waterlooville to be trashed. Now the developers have their beady eyes set on Horndean. This has to be stopped.


It was only a matter of time before the owners of White Dirt Farm were approached by a developer, and this has now happened. The sightings prior to Christmas of surveyors on the land were an early warning and Taylor Wimpey UK has broken cover as the interested developer.

Needless to say I am totally opposed to any development on White Dirt Farm as it is important gap land, and to do so would be of serious detriment to the landscape and area. There are far better areas to build on such as Hazleton Farm where a large scheme with structured facilities could make a significant contribution to Horndean. This is not the right location for any housing or development at all, and I will work hard to oppose this.

The land is in the Catherington & Lovedean ward and Councillor Sara Schillemore is the Ward Councillor. Sara is a…

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