Copnor Road before the bridge was built – Remember When – Portsmouth News

Copnor Road before the bridge was built – Remember When – Portsmouth News.

The News carries on in its inimitable bumbling manner. The title of the article is in direct contradiction with the first sentence of the article.

Copnor railway bridge opened in 1908, three years before this picture of Copnor Road, Portsmouth, was taken.

I enjoy reading the many and various articles that they publish but I do wonder …. Does anyone at The News ever read what they publish ?

Doom and Gloom

Thursday morning. This would normally be a late start but due to some schedule shuffling I had to get up earlier than normal. This is not good and I was demonstrating my “not happy” shuffle between bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Fifty minutes later I am sat behind the wheel of my car.

Things have not improved. To go with my mental state the weather has conspired to compound my condition. It is dull, drismal, almost foggy. The kind of weather that means the sensor on my car can’t cope and I have to manually intervene and start and stop the wipers or drive with the automotive equivalent of an opaque bathroom window. This is all becoming just too much to bear.

Having dropped my wife and friend of at work I am heading home when I have an epiphany.

Wow !!!

All of a sudden the indecipherable mush coming from the radio leapt into focus. My hand reached for the volume control and cranked it up to the max.

The reason for this sudden burst of activity ?

Chris Evans, Radio 2, was playing the new Rolling Stones single. Fabulous. Folks they are back, this is old style Rolling Stones. “What’s it called ?” I hear you ask .


‘Doom And Gloom’ marks the first time that Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood have been in the studio together for seven years and as an apparent worldwide exclusive, until 08:25, Chris went ahead and played it all over again.

Brilliant. Since this is not on YouTube yet I thought I’d plug in a Stones track here as a place holder and as an alternative for all you folks who didn’t get to hear the best thing on the radio for months, dare I say it, years.

And another to keep you going. Watch a 63 year old Mick Jagger sprint down the length of the stage and still keep singing, presumably at the end of the show. He puts many youngsters to shame, Oh, and me.

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