As a member fo the public I am disgusted with the way that the police are treated in general. I am disgusted that we as a nation expect more from our police forces and then expect them to do it with less. This post has highlighted how misinformation can distort ones view. Thank you for clarifying.


There are some basic facts that need to be cleared up. You wouldn’t think “facts” needed clearing up would you because they are facts; the truth and therefore should be clear to all. Unfortunately Mr Green the Policing Minister has either been misinformed or is not telling the truth.

Starting with NPAS’s headline figure20-minute response times for 98% of the population” this is plain untrue and was based on flawed maths by people who didn’t understand what they were talking about at NPIA. Here’s how they worked it out. Find out how far a helicopter flies in one minute (2 miles) multiply that by 20 minutes = 40 miles now get a map of the UK and draw 40 mile radius circles around each of your proposed helicopter bases and see how much of the Country that covers – ooh looks great. Pat each other on…

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