Herbert Lom Takes His Final Curtain

At the ripe old age of 95 actor Herbert Lom has died, peacefully in his sleep.

Renowned for his role as Inspector Clouseau’s long-suffering boss, Charles Dreyfus, in the Pink Panther films, Lom had a career spanning more than sixty years. Aside from the Pink Panther movies Lom also appeared opposite Alec Guinness and Peter Sellers in “The Ladykillers”, with Robert Mitchum, Jack Lemmon and Rita Hayworth in “Fire Down Below” ultimately appearing in over ninety films.

He was also no stranger to the stage where he appeared as the King of Siam in the original London production of “The King and I”. In the sixties Lom starred in British TV series, “The Human Jungle” which ran for two seasons.

Herbert Lom has left the world a wonderful legacy. My thoughts are with his family.

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