First We Have No Hotels – Then Along Come Two At The Same Time

Havant Borough Council will decide next week whether BAE Systems can build a 60-bedroom hotel and restaurant, car showroom and drive-through on the site of redundant buildings at Brambles Farm industrial estate.

Janet Johnston, secretary of Waterlooville Business Association, said: ‘For years we have said Waterlooville needs a hotel.

It seems that Janet has forgotten about the Dunsbury Hill Farm development which also features a hotel and conference centre at its heart. Should both developments go ahead as the planners are hoping, Waterlooville will go from having no hotels, to having two.

Seems they come along like buses.

I’m still puzzled as to where all the business investment is coming from, where all the business demand for these hotels is being generated.

Janet goes on to say

‘There are times when we have had events on and people have to find somewhere to stay. There are bed and breakfasts but not somewhere businessmen can stay easily. I’ve seen the plans and they are very good.’

Good they may be but if we don’t attract new businesses to the Waterlooville area and generate news jobs then nobody will be making use of all those extra beds.

Redundant buildings may boost business if Waterlooville hotel plan is agreed – Local Business – Portsmouth News.

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