A Dull Day

Day 5 – Tuesday 19th June

A dull day, but not an uninteresting day. Dull as in the weather was damp all day, until the evening when once again the sun shone while ate dinner al fresco.

An interesting day prompted by bumping into an 86 year old gentleman while walking the lanes. He told me that he had been on a tour of England. Had been to London, Harrowgate, Newcastle and Liverpool as well as touring up in Scotland too. He also informed me that he had lived in Paris for 16 years while working for Elstrom (to be confirmed) as an engineer. Apparently they now make the TGV. It also transpired that he is the uncle of Didier, our host.

Later in the day we had our attention drawn by a military jet that was performing tight turns and other gyrations before frightening the bejesus out the pilot of a small single prop plane. For a short period of time the military pilot flew pretty much as slow as possible and shadowed the civvy plane before heading for the horizon. Very noisy.

Again my wife sat out in the garden until gone 21:00 reading by which time the owls, two different species I believe’ have started calling. It is quite light right up to 22:00.

I stood in the front doorway to the gite, watching a different kind of aerobatics. This evening I have spotted the bats at work. Using our lawn, between the gite and the old barn, as a hunting ground for insects. It must be a rich source as they spent quite some time zooming, wheeling and doing impossibly abrupt stall turns.

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