Hoopoes ???

Day 4 – Monday 18th June

Today was a total chill out day. Skies cloudy and temperature right down. Certainly not conducive to lazing in the garden. After breakfast we decided to spend the morning reading. We were planning to go exploring after lunch. After partaking of Scotch Egg, Pork Pie and the local Goats Cheese the weather had improved so much we decided to shun the car. While my wife made the most of the sun lounger I took a long walk from the village out to the next community.

This region seems very fertile. In less than 1Km I passed fields growing grapes, sunflowers, peas and various cereal crops. Tending the vines seems to be a lonely task. I spotted two lone workers in different fields, tidying or tying back the vines, lost in a sea of green.

The next community, La Bousse, sits on top of a hill giving views back to Barbeziere and on toward Verdille some 3Km further on.

Oh, I forgot to mention the bird we saw in the garden first thing. I think its called a HooPoe. That needs to be confirmed. I have only ever seen them in books, long thin pointed beak and a tall crest on its head.

The weather had improved so much during the afternoon that we had our dinner, of local sausages, outside again. Very pleasant.

Talking of birds as I was earlier, the owls are very vocal tonight. They started calling well before sunset. I’m pretty sure there are a least two different kinds as the calls are quite distinctive.

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