Big Thanks To The Blood Suckers

I’m sure they have been called worse but truly a big thanks for the speedy service.

I arrived at the Phlebotomy Clinic, in Cosham, at around 09:00. They operate a numbered ticket process and the next one up was 26 but the number on the ticket I received was 43.  My heart sank as I calculated a rate of one person every five minutes. That was my guesstimate of a best case rate. I’m off on holiday today and with lots to do the last thing I wanted to do was sit in this waiting room for an hour or two. I was also concerned about my car which was parked in a free space with a one hour limit.

Luckily, for me, they had two nurses on duty and with a number of no shows I was in and out again 20 minutes later.

So thank you to the staff who were operating the conveyor belt today.

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