La Rochefocauld

Day 6 – Wednesday 20th June

Today we set out in hazy weather. It had been decidedly misty first thing but the sun came out and warmed things up.

We didn’t venture too far, just an hours drive to La Rochefocauld. Home to a chateau, founded in the 12th century, which overlooks the town and the Tardoire Valley. Also of interest are the Carmelite cloisters. Here in the town we had a splendid lunch of 2 beers, a croque madame, omelette with “lardons” aux “fromage” and a shared plate of “frites”. you can tell we are well into “le vacance francaise” mode. All served up for the princely sum of €18.30.

During our meanderings the temperature was rising steadily. By the time we arrived back at the car the onboard display was registering 30•C. Even once we were motoring the reading only dropped to 27•C.

As we left La Rochefocauld we decided that we might stop in the forest we had passed through earlier and on entry thought we would visit a memorial sign posted as just over 2km. We were thwarted in our attempt as much of the forest, and especially the bit with the memorial, was barred to us as the military were holding an exercise. Still it was a pleasant drive.

On our way out earlier we had spotted a sign indicating a view point. On the way back we made the detour, discovering that it was well worth the time spent. We were greeted by a near 360 degree vista. Laid out before us was a patchwork quilt of greens and golds interspersed with the occasional terracotta. Along the horizon were two wind farms although there was so little wind only two of the ten or so turbines were in motion. We could hear many birds singing. What species I have no idea. In the distance a farmer was driving his tractor, the clatter of the diesel so soft at that distance, that it provided an acceptable counterpoint to the birdsong.

When we got back to the gite the thermometer in the kitchen was only registering 22•C. The interior of the gite seeming positively chilly by comparison to outside.

We sat in the garden enjoying the sun although it all became too much for me so I headed to the relative cool of the lounge where I got my head down for a couple of hours.

While I was snoozing our host, Didier, brought us a lettuce from his garden. He had previously told us to help ourselves, which of course we won’t. This is the second lettuce and they are quite huge. I had told Didier that one will last us four days. Needless to say we are running out of innovative things to do with a lettuce.

The day was closed by a light salad supper at around 21:00. Yes we used Didiers lettuce. Quite what we will do with the previous one, as well as the remnents of our shop bought one, both languishing in the salad drawer is anybodies guess.

Now both of us are reading our respective books prior to heading to our pits.

Bon nuit.

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