Day 7 – Thursday 21st June

One hell of a thunderstorm rolled around the Charente last night. I had to close all the windows as, even with walls two feet thick, the rain was getting in. We thought the storm would have cleared the atmosphere but it is still muggy but windy too.

Decided to visit Brouage today. Starting any journey from the middle of nowhere is always going to be quite a torturous journey. Ending one at Brouage will make it doubly so. For Brouage is in the middle of reclaimed marshlands criss crossed with waterways. This walled citadel town used to be a major port way back. But then the sea receded and the waterways became silted up. Now the town is two miles and inaccessible from the sea on which its original wealth was based. This relic of a bygone age is almost intact and shows us what life must have been like.

After an interesting day it could only rounded off with a cracking meal. A sort of chicken casserole cooked with tomatoes, mushrooms and herbs, complimented by a bottle of Fitou.

The evening was completed by a french film “Polisse” Bizarre is the only way I can describe it. The basic storyline was about a specialist police unit whose purpose is the protection of children. What was bizarre was the style of the film, not quite documentary but not wholly drama. With such subject matter imagine a song and dance interlude thrust into the middle.

Needless to say it was a fine way to prepare for bed. No difficulty sleeping.