Texting & Driving – Don’t Do It

This trailer PSA “Texting while Driving U.K. Ad” should be shown as often as possible on UK TV.

I have had two near misses due to idiots who were using their mobile while driving. One actually did a U-turn in front of me. The message needs to be hammered home to the imbeciles that use their phones whilst driving.

Tredegar Comprehensive School and Gwent Police (Gwent is located in south-east Wales,UK) present a half hour drama entitled ‘COW’ –The film that will stop you from texting and driving,” with SPECIAL EFFECTS BY ZIPLINE CREATIVE http://www.ziplinecreative.co.uk (this is a trailer video)

COW: It’s all about Cassie COWan a nice girl from a Gwent valleys family who kills four people on the road because she used her mobile and lost her concentration for a few seconds.

It was the babies eyes that did it to me !!!

One thought on “Texting & Driving – Don’t Do It”

  1. I tend to text using both hands so this ad applies doubly to me! (Not that I’m dumb enough to do that anyway…)

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