Why Is This Taking So Long

Waterlooville, Stakes Hill Post Office - geograph.org.uk - 625878

The Lavender Road shops were destroyed by fire last September. It is now seven months since the arsonist struck and there are still no signs of activity. This was a busy store, essential to the residents of this area. Especially since the Stakes estate has a large proportion of disabled and vulnerable people living in sheltered accommodation.

How can the rebuild take so long.

Officials at Brookton 2000 Ltd, which owns the site, said they were working up a planning application for the rebuild of Tesco and the pharmacy.

Working up a planning application ???

There was already planning permission to build and operate the previous stores. Surely the template is in place. All that needs to be done is modify the original application to suit current planning regs.

Daniel Kaye, director of Brookton 2000 Ltd, based in Chandler’s Ford, said: ‘We have a team of professionals appointed and we are working on submitting an application. Then it is in the hands of the local authority.

Again I say, since these facilities were already here it shouldn’t be much more that a rubber stamp after ensuring latest regs are being complied with. Brookton and the local authorities should be working in concert to sort this out. This should not be a linear process. Why aren’t Brookton and the local authorities not working “together” to submit the planning application. After all the local authority should be doing everything in their power to satisfy the needs of the local residents and we need this store replaced, now, not in eighteen months time.

‘Once we get planning permission, we can look to appoint contractors.

OK so you can’t begin to build until you get planning permission. How about clearing the site. It’s an eyesore the way that it is. Something better that the nasty blue boarding could have been put in place. Invite the local graffiti artists to get working.

‘Unfortunately these things take longer than members of the general public think.’

Try informing us what you are doing. How about a newsletter to the residents of the area. Even once every two months would be better that the apparent inactivity that we can see. Better yet, since it seems you are compiling a new planning application, try asking us what we want. The only communication that I have seen about this was back in September, when my daughter sent a photo of the damage to my mobile, while I was away on holiday.

And, what is happening with regard to replacing the takeaway. The quotes from Brookton only mention Tesco and the pharmacy. Is there any intent to rebuild ? Again, how about some communication.

As a resident I do not believe that we should be expected to wait up to two years to see this essential shopping centre replaced.

Pleas for fire-hit Waterlooville shopping hub to rise from ashes – Local Business – Portsmouth News.

6 thoughts on “Why Is This Taking So Long”

  1. I too am astonished that this process takes so long. It is clear that public needs are not important to the responsible authorities.
    I am also surprised that no light has been shed on why these Tesco Express premises seem to burn down so easily. Maybe the authorities need to explain to the public why the Tempest Way Tesco Express, a mile up the road, burned down twice.

    1. A guy I was talking to a couple of months ago, who is involved in Tesco store builds and re-builds, told me that they do tend to get targeted as a corporation. You would think, that being the case, that they would take extra precautions to make their stores more arson resistant. I guess no where is totally arson proof.

      1. Hi. Thanks for your response. However, I understand the most recent fire at Tempest Way was started outside the building by setting alight bread crates and the young culprit was caught and imprisoned. This looked more like a stupid prank and the ‘tinder box’ was easily available. I do take your point that a determined arsonist will succeed, but I understand from reports that the Tempest Way shop has been burned down 3 times in the last 10 years and not just twice as I said earlier. If it is so easy to set alight these buildings from the outside in this way then perhaps we should be more concerned about the additional risks on Guy Fawkes night.

      2. Yes you are correct that the Tempest Way fires were started outside. Tesco have to shoulder a large portion of the blame there because they were warned, after the first fire, not to leave large quantities of flammable material stacked outside. I believe the Lavender Way store also had an open external storage area. You could say it was an open invitation to the numbskulls that carry out these actions. I believe (read it somewhere) the latest Tempest Way store has several fire resistant features built into this latest version.

  2. Lavender Way ‘Tescos’ now rebuilt. Is Tescos reopening there? So far no publicity seems to mean they have the option to not reopen. Maybe they are waiting for a small local shop to open so they can then start up and steal the business.
    Cynical as ever.

    1. I had heard that the council didn’t want Tescos to go back in there. Not sure why that would be unless they feel that having another store up Tempest would be overkill. Maybe they would like to see another brand giving us three small stores competing for our custom. Personally I would just like the store to open so that I have a store within easy walking distance and without risking life and limb crossing major roads.

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