Mad, Stupid, Couldn’t Care Less – You Decide

My neighbour has just had a visitor who turned up in a van, a skanky old sherpa. They apparently arrived to pick up some stuff. This van only has two seats at the front. One for the driver and one for a passenger who in this case was a baby in a baby seat.

All good so far.

As the van was reversed off the drive I noticed movement between the two seats. Up pops a young child, probably no more than five or six. These vans do not typically have a row of seats behind the driver. Even if they do this child was quite obviously not secured and therefore at risk.

There is so much publicity in all media warning of the dangers of not using safety belts and in particular securing your children. So I ask again, assuming that the driver is the father……

Is He Mad, Stupid or is it that he Just Couldn’t Care Less

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