Still Bloody Cold

Despite the dire warnings of the forecasters, we still don’t have any snow. Well, not strictly true, I guess, as my car does look like it has a bit of a dandruff problem.

My Car Has Dandruff
My Car Has Dandruff

The wind blew a hooley most of last night, so I was expecting snow drifts this morning. Boy was I disappointed and I know my great-granddaughter, Summer, is too. She was hoping for a “snow-day” or two off from school. To be fair the school is closing at lunchtime.

How do I know this ?

The school, much to my surprise, sent me a text message early this morning. Unbeknownst to me, my granddaughter had provided my number as one of the emergency contact numbers. They, exercising due diligence, had informed the parents and emergency contacts.

Anyway, the forecasters are still warning of imminent snowmageddon so, Summer may still get her wish.

So, until “The Beast From The East” puts in an appearance this is what I’ll have to put up with, looking out of my lounge window …..

Snow - No Show
The Beast from the East still hasn’t put in an appearance

Although we haven’t been inundated with snow it is still cold, bloody cold. It is -4 outside and there is still that biting wind to contend with. Not sure what the windchill factor is but all I know is, I am staying inside to keep nice and cosy.

My thoughts are with all those in the UK who are having to contend with conditions much worse than we are experiencing down here in southern Hampshire.


Snow lovers leave beauty spot in a mess – Morons

Total bloody morons – Hang Your Heads In Shame

I’m otherwise speechless. No I take that back.

I am gobsmacked and enraged¬† by some of the comments that have been left on The News website. There are some morons out there that have commented that they are OK with this litter being left behind, as it keeps someone else employed, that this litter being left by “Joe Public” is down to the incompetence of the people who manage this beauty spot.

I’ve no issue with people dropping litter, keeps someone in a job cleaning it up.

that this litter being left by “Joe Public” is down to the incompetence of the people who manage this beauty spot.

Unfortunately this has occurred due to the abject incompetence of those tasked with taking care of the area.

It is attitudes like those that make me ashamed to be English.

How can it possibly be acceptable, to anyone with more than a single brain cell, for anyone to leave a beauty spot in this state.
Snow lovers leave beauty spot in a mess – Environment – Portsmouth News.

Slow Snow, Slow Slow Slow

Against my better judgement, I drove my wife to work today. Normally the round trip, not accounting for waiting time, is around 30 – 35 minutes. Today, due to the inclement weather conditions, the whole journey took around 130 minutes. Of course I moaned all the way to my wifes place of work. Problem is that I had no one to moan to on my way home and that was by far the longer and worst part of the journey.

I took a few snaps during the journey which was punctuated by many tedious stops.

Stakes Hill Road approaching Purbrook Way roundabout.
London Road, heading towards Widley
London Road atop Portsdown Hill, waiting our turn to dive down towards Cosham
London Road heading down the south face of Portsdown Hill
A3(M) Heading north on the Junction 4 slip.
A3(M) Heading north, still on the Junction 4 slip. Matrix says 40. You’ll be lucky. I think they display motorists wish lists
Purbrook Way and the College Road Junction. Thanks to the guys in the fluorescent jackets who were trying to keep us all moving. The road here was very icy under the snow. You can just see the car on the other side has gone askew.
View from my front doorstep. Boy was I glad to get home. Only a two-hour round trip. And I have it all to do again later today.

No Story ? Let’s Just Make It Exciting Anyway

The UKs media are, this morning, falling over themselves to report on, well, nothing really. Who can make the UKs weather the big story of day.

Last night they were warning us about the snow and the big freeze that is going to engulf the country. The ITV News and Weather were advising us that “much of the country” was going to be impacted.

This morning that has translated into “about a third of the country”

Last night we were being warned that even if we didn’t get any snow we could expect to get the severe icy conditions with temperatures as low as -6 degC dropping to -15 degC by the end of the week.

This morning we have +2 degC and no snow

On the TV we have had reporters dramatically describing to us how Stansted Airport is operating as normal, how the roads are clear and traffic is flowing unimpeded by the weather.

To a degree I can understand why they are doing it. After all the last big freeze caught many of us with our pants down. In some case the authorities let us down but predominantly we let ourselves down.

Britain does have four seasons every year, pretty much without fail. So it follows that we will have Winter at some time. We should not be surprised when the winter brings with it snow and ice.

Only in Britain are such conditions or even the lack of them deemed suitable for such a media frenzy.


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