Idiocy – Party Goers Waving Two Fingers At Authorities

More than £11,000 in fines issued for baby’s birthday party in Nottingham

A one year old baby doesn’t understand or care about parties. This gathering was all about the adults. Adults that decided to gather, regardless of the rules or the law.

Basically they have all waved two fingers at the government, shown total disrespect to our emergency services and the NHS.

There is no excuse. These people deserve everything they get.

Happy New Year

I hope that your end of year parties are boisterous

PartyAnimalsAnd hope that your hangovers are short lived.


I hope your fireworks displays are spectacular

Leigh Park 2012

And I hope that 2013 will be equally spectacular for each and everyone of you.


So, I drink a toast,


  as I wish all my friends and family, all the best
for a Happy and Prosperous New Year

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