Waterlooville Community Forum – Next Meeting

Do you live in the Waterlooville area ?

Do you care about what is happening to your town and the surrounds ?

Are you concerned about our town centre and the number of empty shops ?

Are you concerned about the amount of traffic on our roads ?

Are you concerned about the amount of development in our district ?

If you do and you want to have your say then you should come along to the next meeting of The Waterlooville Community Forum where you can discuss this and much more.

As an example of subject matter discussed, at a recent meeting of the forum we had a presentation from Vail Williams regarding the BAE Site in Waterlooville. This was an early look at the proposed development of that site.

The next meeting of Waterlooville Community Forum will take place on Thursday, July 26.

The meeting will start at 5.30pm at the Baptist Church in London Road.

Anyone with any queries can email davidscrichton@compuserve.com.

Issues to be debated in Waterlooville – News – Portsmouth News.

New Development Proposed For Waterlooville BAE Site

Proposals have been put forward to Havant Borough Council for the development of the BAE site in Waterlooville. This site comprises the land bounded by Elettra Avenue, Silverthorne Way and Hambledon Road.

These proposals include

  • 60+ Bedroom Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Drive Thru Restaurant
  • Car Show Room
  • Industrial Units


If these proposals go ahead they could bring many benefits to the town, not the least of which would be the employment opportunities.

However, this would also be tempered by the additional industrial traffic that would be required to service the new industrial units at the heart of this proposal.

I have a growing concern that many of the new developments, being proposed for the Waterlooville area, include industrial units but there is no sign of the businesses that are going to take up these new properties. In the meantime there are many existing industrial units  that remain empty.

Waterlooville seems set to be swamped with such “opportunities”. One only has to look to the plans for the Dunsbury Hill Farm site.

Havant Borough Council and the developers are always quick to point to the number of jobs that these developments will create. However, they aren’t so quick to highlight that these are “potential” jobs. At no time do you see them parading a list of employers who have committed to move into these new premises.

Of course, in such economic times as ours it is always good to be prepared for the upturn.

And how about the existing Aston Road industrial estate. That could do with a bit of a facelift. It really does look a bit tired now.

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