Is Anyone Else Bored With This ?

Two days now with the media milking Prince Phillips motor accident for all it’s worth. It seems there is no other news in the world. No London stabbings No Trumpisms, statements upsetting the right thinking people of this planet. Even Brexit has been bumped down the priority list. Please, everyone, let’s get a sense of… Continue reading Is Anyone Else Bored With This ?

So It’s A Boy – Now Please Shut Up

First of all let me say …. Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for the birth of their son. I am really pleased for you. But will the media please shut up. The airwaves have been dominated with the build up to this moment. Trying to guess its name, weight, booty size etc.… Continue reading So It’s A Boy – Now Please Shut Up

Words For Teenagers

The viral message started its life in an April 2010 newsletter put out by the principal of Kaikohe’s Northland College, John Tapene, quoting a youth court judge’s tough advice for bored teenagers. In short, the judge told teens to stop complaining they had nothing to do, urging them instead to take responsibility and “develop a… Continue reading Words For Teenagers