View From The Conservatory

Our New Neighbour, Blue Tit

Our New Neighbour, Blue Tit


We put this bird box up last year, well after normal nesting season.

The Wrong Type Of Feather ?

The Wrong Type Of Feather ?


So you can imagine how chuffed we are that we have new tenants in the first year since we opened for business.

Geronimo - Blue Tit

Geronimo – Blue Tit


We have been watching them coming and going for quite a few days. The photo shows the removal of what must be the “wrong” type of feather. 

Can’t wait to see the young when they emerge..

View From The Conservatory

I haven’t posted from the conservatory for a while. But here are three items to make up for it.

The first is a shot of a Red Admiral, a typical summer visitor who was making the most of our Buddleia or Butterfly Bush. At least in this case it was living up to its name. Most years we have hundreds of flowers but the butterflies don’t come until the flowers have turned brown.

Red Admiral - Vanessa Atalanta

Red Admiral – Vanessa Atalanta

The next is of a Green Woodpecker. Not such a regular visitor to our garden but a welcome one all the same. We do see them in the area and this is the second time in recent months. This was taken through the double glazing so I consider this a lucky shot considering that I had the 300mm lens on as well which makes it a bit more difficult to keep the camera stable.

Green Woodpecker - Picus Viridis

Green Woodpecker – Picus Viridis

And finally a bit of humour. I was just mowing the lawn and popped indoors for a cuppa tea. When I cam back out my mower had all but disappeared. I blame it on this mixed up summer weather that we have had this year.

I only popped indoors for a cuppa