Sky News: Free school meals: Boris Johnson admits he hasn’t spoken to Marcus Rashford since June

This is hardly breaking news.

Rashford is just a bloody footballer.

He is doing good things but I fail to see why it’s breaking news that the Prime Minister hasn’t spoken to him

Australia’s prime minister says anti-Muslim senator should be charged for striking teen who broke egg on his head

What is this world coming to ?

A man is assaulted, albeit with an egg. He retaliated with a couple of slaps.

The Australian Prime Minister says the assault victim should be charged !!!

The victim, Australian Senator Fraser Anning, may be anti Muslim but he was assaulted and in my book was perfectly justified in his reaction.

There should be no support for his assailant.

Compare the reactions here in Oz to those seen when British MP John Prescott was egged. Prescott actually punched the assailant. His boss, Tony Blair, is reported to have said “John is John when asked to comment.

Time to get real and focus on real issues methinks.

RIP Maggie

Margaret Thatcher, Britains first female prime minister has died today, aged 87.

In my opinion she was the best PM that this country has had since Churchill. Her role in reshaping this country, her contribution to the collapse of the USSR, and herĀ  anti-union position are just some of the highlights of her career, not forgetting the Falklands Campaign.

We have not had a decent leader since. She was dubbed the “Iron Lady” by a Russian journalist. Shame we haven’t seen any “Iron Men” since she was ousted from power.

Perhaps if she had still had a hand in our government we wouldn’t have been in the economic trouble that we are. Do you think she would have stood for any nonsense from the banks and their money grabbing self serving bosses ?

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