Four Goo To Mullaloo

On a voyage of discovery, last Tuesday, we headed up North looking for somewhere to have lunch. Somewhere, that none of us had visited before. And so we found ourselves at Mullaloo, a northern coastal suburb of Perth. Apparently, Mullaloo is named after an Aboriginal word, believed to mean “place of the rat kangaroo”. Sounds attractive don’t you… Continue reading Four Goo To Mullaloo

Taking Flight

We made a short visit to the viewing area at Perth Airport, on our way back home, after travelling up the coast for lunch. The viewing area is ideally placed for capturing photos of planes as they take off. Unfortunately that placement isn’t so good for incoming flights as they slow down and taxi away before coming… Continue reading Taking Flight

Waving To Tim

Did you see it ? The ISS (International Space Station) that is. If you were in the Perth, WA vicinity it would have been visible this evening from around 8:43 PM, for around 6 minutes. According to NASA the ISS would track across the sky, appearing 10° above NW. Reaching a maximum height of 84° before disappearing… Continue reading Waving To Tim

Boxing Day – Seafood Bonanza

As has been posted elsewhere on the interweb and by fellow bloggers Boxing Day is typically a day when the leftovers from Christmas dinner get consumed. Steve suggested, that we avoid the leftover trap, and make Boxing Day a seafood day. This idea was grasped wholeheartedly by all. So, on Christmas Eve Eve we headed down… Continue reading Boxing Day – Seafood Bonanza

Up The Swanny

Out of the blue, a phone call from our grandson, and an offer of an evening trip up the Swan River, on Christmas Eve. Being our wedding anniversary, what better way to round off the day. Few details were provided other than that we needed to be present at the East Street Jetty for around 19:00.… Continue reading Up The Swanny