Boxing Day – Seafood Bonanza

As has been posted elsewhere on the interweb and by fellow bloggers Boxing Day is typically a day when the leftovers from Christmas dinner get consumed.

Steve suggested, that we avoid the leftover trap, and make Boxing Day a seafood day. This idea was grasped wholeheartedly by all. So, on Christmas Eve Eve we headed down to Curullis Seafood Market to see what they had on offer.

With quite a large selection of fresh and cooked seafoods we were spoilt for choice. However, twenty or thirty minutes later we were away with our bags of treasure. Half a kilo of scallops, half a kilo of green prawns, six large salmon fillets and two trays of oysters.

We deposited the seafood into the car and made a commando raid on the nearby bottle shop . Where we picked up a few supplies to see us through the next few days. A couple of cartons of Millers Chill

Millers Chill
Millers Chill

for the girls. Some One Fifty Lashes

One Fifty Lashes
One Fifty Lashes

for the boys. A couple of bottles of Shiraz and some sparkling wine  for general consumption.

On Boxing Day the plan was to not have one big blow out but to just have a several snack like meals.

Herb & Lemon Roasted Salmon on a Bed of Roasted Potatoes

First up was the salmon, or rather I should say “Herb & Lemon Roasted Salmon on a Bed of Roasted Potatoes” This was lunch and our only formal meal of the day. Basically this dish comprises salmon fillets that have been infused with a lemon/herb marinade. Scalloped potatoes, that are pre roasted, to which the marinated salmon is added. The salmon is then roasted. The spinach and pine nuts are then sauteed. The cooked ingredients are then layered on plates, spinach first then the roast potatoes, and topped off with the salmon.

After a suitable period, to allow our food to digest, we retired to the pool as the air temperature was rising.

A couple of hours later and suitably refreshed, it was time for a light snack. Step forward the oysters, which were magically transformed into Oysters Kilpatrick

Oysters Kilpatrick
Oysters Kilpatrick

If the idea of raw oysters, or nude as I saw them described recently, do not appeal to you, then perhaps this is the recipe that may entice you to try. Very simple to prepare, the oysters are arranged on a bed of sea salt, cubed bacon and Worcester Sauce are added and the oysters grilled for five minutes or so until the bacon is crisped. Very tasty and the Worcester Sauce infused liquor certainly has a bite. These were accompanied by well chilled beers although, perhaps, we should have washed oysters down with a sparkling wine. I should point out that there are many different variations on this recipe and we ourselves were discussing the possible alternatives. Including chilli, horseradish, paprika, cheese, the options are endless.

As the afternoon ran into the evening our thoughts turned back to food and the prawns.And, no, they didn’t get thrown on the Barbie.

Another simple dish, Barbecued Prawns with Honey & Ginger Mayonnaise.

Barbecued Prawns with Honey Ginger Mayonnaise
Barbecued Prawns with Honey Ginger Mayonnaise

OK, I know it says barbecue but the prawns were sautéed. It seemed a waste to fire up the barbecue when the prawns were only going to take a couple of minutes to cook.

A marinade is made with olive oil, lime juice, lime leaves, lemon grass and fish sauce. This is added to the prawns and they are left to infuse.

The mayonnaise is created using fresh root ginger, coriander and honey all added to whole egg mayonnaise.

Once the prawns are marinated they are sauteed (barbecued) until cooked. Served in a bowl close to the mayonnaise. This dish was enjoyed so much, especially the mayo, of which there was quite a bit remaining after the prawns had disappeared, that I was dispatched to go and saute the scallops.

I can’t remember what we had planned for the scallops. I guess that recipe will have to wait for another day.

So, no prawns on the barbie, which will no doubt disappoint those of our UK friends and family who think that Ozzie cuisine comprises nothing more than tossing prawns and snaggers onto a red-hot barbecue.

I’d like to think that our Boxing Day seafood fest was the healthy option. I suspect, however, that the oils used to roast, saute and marinade have pretty much negated the healthier aspects of seafood.

Do I care ? Am I bothered ?

Nah !!

I do, however, hope you all enjoyed your Boxing Day.




Gone Fishing

Decided to give the Blackwall Reach location a bash on Wednesday morning. So I took myself off to a nearby tackle shop for some bait and advice.

The proprietor was enthusiastic about our proposed venue but suggested that fishing from the cliff tops at Blackwall was problematic and that if we took ourselves a short distance down stream to Blackwall Parade we could fish at river level and within sight of our car.

It seems the local rogues like to target cars left in lonely car parks. Those that service the cliff tops are a particular favourite. The car park at Point Walter is possibly the worst, especially if you are an angler and plan to fish of the sandbar.

Sand Bar – Point Walter

The miscreants can see an angler way out on the water and know that they cannot get back to prevent their car from being burglarised or totally trashed.

On Wednesday morning, at around 08:30, we arrived at Blackwall Parade. We decided to recce and walked the full length of the parade, noting a couple of likely beach spots with the possibility of a jetty to fish as a back up.

On the way back to the car we spotted a Kookaburra quietly observing us.

Kookaburra, Blackwall Parade

During our stroll along the shoreline we encountered many joggers, dog walkers and baby strollers. Everyone seemed very friendly and we were typically bade a cheery good morning.

Retrieving our tackle and bait from the car we found ourselves a cosy corner as our base, complete with mancave, to provide some shade.

Beach front accomodation, Blackwall Reach

Getting the fishing underway we were immediately plagued with bites from “blowies“. They are adept at stealing bait whilst avoiding getting themselves caught. They are however, tenacious, and will follow your line and any remaining bait back to shore. On several occasions I managed to lift my line out of the water ,with a single “bowie” hanging onto the remnants of my bait. Realising they were no longer in the water they would then drop off and dart back into the deeper waters. These little blighters quite happily helped themselves to all of our bait. We were using squid, herring and prawns. Nothing was immune to their concerted attacks.

The sum total of our catch, for the four or so hours that we fished, was one Bream and one “blowie”. Being poisonous, nobody wants “blowies” and the Bream was undersized, so both were returned to fight again.

Our champion fisher and his record breaking catch

So, what was I doing while Steve was catching all the fish ?

Well, I was doing my damnedest to haul this specimen ashore …..


I managed to cast my line over the mooring rope on three occasions. On one of those occasions I will hold my hand up to a miscast. The other two I will blame on the strong winds blowing up the river. On two out of those three occasions I lost the end tackle.

If I had managed to pull this craft ashore I was planning to exercise my rights to salvage.

A few yards along the shore from our fishing spot there were a couple of other anglers. They started after us and gave up before us. I didn’t see them bring anything ashore but I am sure they suffered the same plague  of “blowies”.

Although not a productive day it was definitely fun and there is plenty going on along the river to keep ones interest. This would be a nice spot to just sit with a picnic and while away a few hours.

View of cliffs along Blackwall Reach

Elizabethan Village Pub & Serpentine Falls

Have taken it easy today. Just a gentle drive up to the Elizabethan Village Pub for lunch followed by a trip up to Serpentine Falls.

Elizabethan Village Pub is the nearest thing I have seen to an English pub in terms of appearance and atmosphere.The food was delicious. My wife and I both had Black Angus Sirloin Steak while my daughter and her husband both had Grilled Barramundi Fillets topped with Creamy Garlic Prawns. Top grub.

The pub is also home to the Last Drop brewery and we sampled their Thunderstorm brew, an unfiltered pilsner. They have other brews too, however as I was driving I couldn’t sample them. They all appear to be around 4.8% ABV. We’ll just have to go back again when someone else is in the driving seat.

As I said we also took a run up to Serpentine Falls.

Serpentine Falls, W.A.
Serpentine Falls, W.A.

We thought, given the amount of rain Perth has experienced recently, that the falls would be running quite high and hard. I have been there before and the flow didn’t seem any higher than our previous visit. I’m guessing that the dam, upstream, is retaining as much water as possible since W.A. does have a water problem and they like to retain as much as possible.

On the entrance road to the falls there is a picnic area and we noticed a number of Kangaroos. Each and every one of them appeared to be carrying a joey. Most appeared to have clambered into mums pouch head fist and had their hind legs hanging out. All barring one, who had his head out and was feeding himself from the comfort of mums pouch. Sorry I have no pictures as I didn’t feel it was right to intrude so we just kept the car rolling.

After the fresh air and nature watch the girls felt in the need for some retail therapy so we headed into Armadale where the girls perused the various clothes stores. Following a cup of tea we headed home to relax for the rest of the evening.

Needless to say, after a very filling lunch, none of us was up for anything to eat for tea so relaxed with a beer and some nibbles.

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