Waving To Tim

Did you see it ? The ISS (International Space Station) that is.

International Space Station

If you were in the Perth, WA vicinity it would have been visible this evening from around 8:43 PM, for around 6 minutes. According to NASA the ISS would track across the sky, appearing 10° above NW. Reaching a maximum height of 84° before disappearing 11° above SE.

Of course, all of the above assumed a clear sky.

Had you been in the Perth area today you would be aware that today has been a scorcher, with clear blue skies, all day.

Perth Weather Observations
Perth Weather Observations

So all looked set fair for a great evening for celestial viewing.

Imagine my thoughts when I stepped outside at 20:30 to see the skies obscured by broken clouds.This is typical of my luck regarding all celestial events. Blood moon scheduled to make an appearance, I go to the top of Portsdown Hill but its cloudy. The Perseids meteor shower makes an appearance. Not in any sky that I have access to.

Still, ever hopeful, I settled in to see if my luck had improved. Gerry, Steve and Denise all came out to join me and after a couple of false sightings, the ISS appeared in the sky. Tracking from the far corner of the garden, as expected, and passing almost directly overhead. The bright “star” passed rapidly across the sky, disappearing from time to time behind the clouds. It couldn’t be mistaken for anything else, traversing as it did in an apparent straight line.

Tim Peake – British Astronaut

We all waved to Tim Peake, the British astronaut, wishing him Merry Christmas. Did you see us Tim ?We commented on what a special achievement the ISS is and that Tim has joined a very unique group of people. It s a very small group  that have actually travelled to outer space and Tim has also joined an even more select group, those that have spent Christmas in space.

So we wish the folks up on the ISS all the very best, good luck with their missions and of course wish them safe return.




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