Gone Fishing

Decided to give the Blackwall Reach location a bash on Wednesday morning. So I took myself off to a nearby tackle shop for some bait and advice.

The proprietor was enthusiastic about our proposed venue but suggested that fishing from the cliff tops at Blackwall was problematic and that if we took ourselves a short distance down stream to Blackwall Parade we could fish at river level and within sight of our car.

It seems the local rogues like to target cars left in lonely car parks. Those that service the cliff tops are a particular favourite. The car park at Point Walter is possibly the worst, especially if you are an angler and plan to fish of the sandbar.

Sand Bar – Point Walter

The miscreants can see an angler way out on the water and know that they cannot get back to prevent their car from being burglarised or totally trashed.

On Wednesday morning, at around 08:30, we arrived at Blackwall Parade. We decided to recce and walked the full length of the parade, noting a couple of likely beach spots with the possibility of a jetty to fish as a back up.

On the way back to the car we spotted a Kookaburra quietly observing us.

Kookaburra, Blackwall Parade

During our stroll along the shoreline we encountered many joggers, dog walkers and baby strollers. Everyone seemed very friendly and we were typically bade a cheery good morning.

Retrieving our tackle and bait from the car we found ourselves a cosy corner as our base, complete with mancave, to provide some shade.

Beach front accomodation, Blackwall Reach

Getting the fishing underway we were immediately plagued with bites from “blowies“. They are adept at stealing bait whilst avoiding getting themselves caught. They are however, tenacious, and will follow your line and any remaining bait back to shore. On several occasions I managed to lift my line out of the water ,with a single¬†“bowie” hanging onto the remnants of my bait. Realising they were no longer in the water they would then drop off and dart back into the deeper waters. These little blighters quite happily helped themselves to all of our bait. We were using squid, herring and prawns. Nothing was immune to their concerted attacks.

The sum total of our catch, for the four or so hours that we fished, was one Bream and one “blowie”. Being poisonous, nobody wants “blowies” and the Bream was undersized, so both were returned to fight again.

Our champion fisher and his record breaking catch

So, what was I doing while Steve was catching all the fish ?

Well, I was doing my damnedest to haul this specimen ashore …..


I managed to cast my line over the mooring rope on three occasions. On one of those occasions I will hold my hand up to a miscast. The other two I will blame on the strong winds blowing up the river. On two out of those three occasions I lost the end tackle.

If I had managed to pull this craft ashore I was planning to exercise my rights to salvage.

A few yards along the shore from our fishing spot there were a couple of other anglers. They started after us and gave up before us. I didn’t see them bring anything ashore but I am sure they suffered the same plague ¬†of “blowies”.

Although not a productive day it was definitely fun and there is plenty going on along the river to keep ones interest. This would be a nice spot to just sit with a picnic and while away a few hours.

View of cliffs along Blackwall Reach
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