My Road Rage is Finally Gone

Re-blogged for my biker friends and family.

You Got to be Kidding's Blog

I no longer have problems with road rage.

You may not have known I had issues with road rage. However, since I picked up my new bike people no longer seem to annoy me anymore. Maybe I have mellowed in my old age.

Just wanted to let you know I’m over all of that now.

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View From The Conservatory



I don’t know what it is that I put in our meals but the one thing you can be sure of is this. If I throw any out for the birds, our neighbour’s cats will come round and fill up.

On the menu today was a mix of rice, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and onions. No meat !!! As you can see from the photo, the latest scavenger is not some skinny, starving waif.

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