Elizabethan Village Pub & Serpentine Falls

Have taken it easy today. Just a gentle drive up to the Elizabethan Village Pub for lunch followed by a trip up to Serpentine Falls.

Elizabethan Village Pub is the nearest thing I have seen to an English pub in terms of appearance and atmosphere.The food was delicious. My wife and I both had Black Angus Sirloin Steak while my daughter and her husband both had Grilled Barramundi Fillets topped with Creamy Garlic Prawns. Top grub.

The pub is also home to the Last Drop brewery and we sampled their Thunderstorm brew, an unfiltered pilsner. They have other brews too, however as I was driving I couldn’t sample them. They all appear to be around 4.8% ABV. We’ll just have to go back again when someone else is in the driving seat.

As I said we also took a run up to Serpentine Falls.

Serpentine Falls, W.A.
Serpentine Falls, W.A.

We thought, given the amount of rain Perth has experienced recently, that the falls would be running quite high and hard. I have been there before and the flow didn’t seem any higher than our previous visit. I’m guessing that the dam, upstream, is retaining as much water as possible since W.A. does have a water problem and they like to retain as much as possible.

On the entrance road to the falls there is a picnic area and we noticed a number of Kangaroos. Each and every one of them appeared to be carrying a joey. Most appeared to have clambered into mums pouch head fist and had their hind legs hanging out. All barring one, who had his head out and was feeding himself from the comfort of mums pouch. Sorry I have no pictures as I didn’t feel it was right to intrude so we just kept the car rolling.

After the fresh air and nature watch the girls felt in the need for some retail therapy so we headed into Armadale where the girls perused the various clothes stores. Following a cup of tea we headed home to relax for the rest of the evening.

Needless to say, after a very filling lunch, none of us was up for anything to eat for tea so relaxed with a beer and some nibbles.

Penguin Island

Yesterday we decided to take a run down to Rockingham and Penguin Island.

Penguin Island is part of the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park and, as the name suggests, is the home to a colony of Fairie Penguins as well as providing nesting sites for several species of gull and Pelicans.

The weather was beautiful and after a short drive and an even shorter ferry boat crossing we spent a very enjoyable couple of hours walking the island. Part of the Penguin Island experience is a short educational session at the Discovery Centre where a few penguins receive treats and are used to explain a little about these delightful creatures. I should point out the penguins in the discovery centre have been rescued and deemed unlikely to survive being returned to the wild.

So here are a few snaps which will I hope convey what a beautiful place this small island is.

Bay Colony FeedMe Jetty Little1 Little2 Little3 MumandYoung NearlyThere Pelican PenguinIsland PenguinIslandApproach PrepareforTakeOff Rock Rock2 Rock3 Soaring Tongue Trio Tufty Tufty2 Whatsfortea

How Very Rude

Today was a good day. I will reveal all in a future post.

This post will concentrate on this evening.

We have just returned from a concert at the Astor Theatre, Mount Lawley, Perth where we have just seen Hot Chocolate perform.

This post is aimed directly to at a group of ignorant, rude and disrespectful folks seated in the middle of rows M and N of the stalls.

Hot Chocolates support act was a solo acoustic performer, Jason Ayers, a local Perth talent. He was really quite good, performing a number of his own compositions along with some more well-known songs. Unfortunately, we could not give him the attention he deserved due to the noise of the prats seated in Rows M and N.

To you, the rude, the ignorant, the disrespectful I say

  1. If you were not interested in the support act, why didn’t you stay out of the theatre until Hot Chocolate came on ?
  2. I call you rude because you inflicted your conversation on the rest of the audience, most of whom were actually interested in listening to Jason Ayres.

  3. I call you disrespectful because you couldn’t care less about your fellow audience members who had paid good money just to listen to your inane chatter.
  4. I call you disrespectful because there was a young man on stage who was trying to entertain and you didn’t give him a chance.
  5. I call you ignorant because you appear to be totally devoid of the basics of socializing in a public place.

I hope you are pleased that you have annoyed me enough to write this post. You probably view this as confirmation of your own self importance. Your rudeness was noted by several other members of the audience who commented to me and other members of our party.

You are yet another example of what is wrong with society today.

Whiteman Park

Here I am, down in Western Australia. Perth to be exact and today has been our first full day. Yesterday, Sunday, was spent recovering from the journey.

We woke to a beautiful sunny, blue skies, day. We had decided to take a trip to Whiteman Park where we enjoyed a leisurely exploration of Caversham Wildlife Park and lunch in the on site Village Cafe.

Obviously I took photos and have posted a few here your pleasure. They are in no particular order.


















Grrrr !!!

So after checking our bags, a process which took only ten minutes, we headed to security. We joined the queue which stretched the whole length of the building, out the exit and on down a ramp and some stairs. We were in this queue for just under an hour which by any estimation is not acceptable. How on earth did these people cope with the influx and the departure of all those spectators and participants for the olympics.

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