A Rare Bird

Pre-pandemic the skies over Hampshire were fairly busy, with flights descending into Heathrow, or heading further north, interspersed with those heading to a myriad of international destinations.

Latterly, as we all know, the number of flights worldwide are very much reduced. So much so that the sound of a flight, mid evening, triggered my curiosity.

Courtesy of flightradar24

So, flying overhead was this flight.

Originating in Spain from Madrid and heading into London Heathrow, with just 10 more minutes flying time.

I’m guessing that the, near silent, Hampshire airspace will become quieter still, as fewer people are prepared to travel when the UKs new rules are activated on Monday.

Grrrr !!!

So after checking our bags, a process which took only ten minutes, we headed to security. We joined the queue which stretched the whole length of the building, out the exit and on down a ramp and some stairs. We were in this queue for just under an hour which by any estimation is not acceptable. How on earth did these people cope with the influx and the departure of all those spectators and participants for the olympics.