Lets Talk Rubbish

The national pastime in the UK is DIY. Saturdays and Sundays are filled with painting, papering, sawing and chiseling. All of which creates waste.

Another favourite pastimes is gardening, pruning, raking and mowing. Again creating waste.

So that they can step back and admire the fruits of their labour, and to prevent the great British public from disappearing under a great pile of waste or going fly tipping and therefore breaking the law , the local authorities invented municipal waste centres.

The idea is that you take the your waste to one of these centres where your waste becomes their waste which they then dispose of in bulk. For the provision of these centres the British public pays the local authority via a part of the “Council Tax”.

Over the last year or so my son-in-law has been renovating, refurbishing, painting, decorating and generally improving his house. As you can imagine, in this time, he has created a substantial amount of waste.

I should point out that my son-in-law is a “Council Tax” payer.

Imagine then his surprise, when he was informed, by folks at his local municipal tip, that they limit the number of visits one can make.

How can this make sense ?

Local and central government are constantly complaining about fly tipping and then some jobs-worth introduces a limit on those of us who are trying to do the right thing.

As a result of this arbitrary limitation, at a stroke they will cause the increase of an individuals carbon footprint due to members of the British public touring the surrounds seeking a municipal tip from which they have not been excluded.

Failing which they may be forced to find alternative disposal sites.

In other words these idiots jobs-worths will force an increase in fly tipping which will cost the local authority more to clear up. Not forgetting, of course, the expense of hunting down the perpetrators.

Should I also mention the increase in traffic on our local roads along with the resultant increase in stress levels, brought about by Joe Public not being able to enjoy their freshly decorated lounge, newly installed kitchen……. lanscaped garden…….

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