The Waterlooville Wally(s) Of The Week Award – Lidl ‘VICTIMS OF STUPIDITY’  Lidl staff call police after middle-aged couple try to buy £12 rhubarb gin with daughters aged 11 and 14   I haven’t had cause to issue one of these for some time but this article really takes the biscuit. This ranks up with the story of the couple refused entry to… Continue reading The Waterlooville Wally(s) Of The Week Award – Lidl

Lets Talk Rubbish

The national pastime in the UK is DIY. Saturdays and Sundays are filled with painting, papering, sawing and chiseling. All of which creates waste. Another favourite pastimes is gardening, pruning, raking and mowing. Again creating waste. So that they can step back and admire the fruits of their labour, and to prevent the great British… Continue reading Lets Talk Rubbish