Whoooooooohoooooooooo !!!

My latest pet hate.

Whooooohoooooooooooo !!!

Yes those idiotic women who sit in the audience on various TV shows bellowing like we used to as kids when playing cowboys and indians.

Whooooohoooooooooooo !!!

The problem is they have taken it to a new high, or should that be low.

Their latest appearance was on last nights Let’s Dance For Comic Relief Dance TV show.

Whooooohoooooooooooo !!!

But these screaming banshees make themselves known on everything from Strictly Come Dancing, Dancing On Ice, Deal or No Deal and the various singing competitions.

Whooooohoooooooooooo !!!

They aren’t supporting the artists or the competitors, in fact they are highly detrimental to the aspiring singing stars as they interfere with the performance. One only had to watch and cringe when during Popstar to Operastar the wailers whooped over the very nervous contestants attempts to produce the high notes.

Whooooohoooooooooooo !!! goes the ignorant female.

Sitting in the comfort of my lounge I have to quell rising levels of vitriol. The almost impossible compulsion to grab that wailing vixen by the throat. My wife has taken to muting the sound on the TV as both our nerves are set jangling. I jokingly suggest that it’s the same woman who is doing the round tour of all these shows. This cannot be true, surely. I think it is more an epidemic of these people whose only motive is to be able to watch these TV recordings and say “Listen that’s me !!”. People who have no interest in the content of the show just want their five minutes of fame.

Whooooohoooooooooooo !!!   Arrrrgggghhhhh !!!

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