Proposed 2 Tier Road Tax – Unacceptable

According to The Sunday Times Whitehall officials are investigating changes to the UK road tax system.

Under the new proposal the tax could be split into two tiers – all drivers would pay the first charge. This would  allow them to use local roads and A-roads but then motorists wanting to travel on motorways and major A-roads would fork out for a second charge.

I can see how this might swell the governments coffers but ultimately this will be an unfair tax. Forcing those who cannot afford the additional taxation onto the minor roads. This in turn will increase congestion and cause delays and lengthen journey times.

My understanding is that road taxes do not currently pay for the UK road system, rather it is paid for by our general taxation. If that is true then we have all contributed to our road systems and should have the right to use any part of it.

If the government wants to introduce a taxation scheme that is variable but fair then they should scrap the road tax system and collect their taxes purely through the levy on fuel. In that way the heaviest road users would pay the most taxes.

Watch this space.

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