Good Luck Felix

Today, weather permitting, Felix Baumgartner will make his second attempt to try to become the first man to break the sound barrier.

In free fall that is, from 120,00 feet or some 22 miles somewhere over New Mexico. This height puts him up in the earths stratosphere.

Not only will this jump set a new height record but it is hoped that Baumgartner will reach about 720 miles per hour and break the sound barrier.

To protect him during his jump Baumgartner will be wearing a special suit, similar to a space suit. This suit, which is pressurised, will provide oxygen, thermal protection, soak up any moisture that forms inside. And if the suit fails ? This is what Art Thompson, technical project director for the Red Bull Stratos Mission

“At that altitude, if the suit were to tear open — by any means — you’d start bleeding from the mouth,” . . . . “With that cold exposure, minus 60 degrees, your saliva starts to freeze up, you start oozing fluids from your eyes. The level of horror is straight out of a science fiction movie.”

The Telegraph is providing a live feed to this record attempt.

I wish Felix the best of luck.

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