Blenheim Palace

Yesterday was the second of what we hope will become a frequent event. Choose, with friends,  a location to visit, travel, lunch, tour, head home and stop for an evening meal en route. All punctuated with gossip and laughs.

Yesterday we chose to visit Blenheim Palace near Woodstock. Some of you may recognise it from the recent Jack Black movie, Gullivers Travels. Blenheim was used as the Lilliput royal palace.

Instead of lunch, we chose to take a picnic and why wouldn’t you when Blenheim offers over 2000 acres of grounds in which to throw down a blanket. To be able to feast both on the food and the fabulous views provided.

We threw down our blankets high on the rise alongside the lake. There we feasted on roast chicken, pork pie,  mixed salad, fruit cake, walnut cake and fresh fruits.

At the same time we savoured this fabulous view of Vanbrugh’s Grand Bridge. Apparently, at one time this bridge only sat astride several streams. There are rooms within the bridge, now flooded, that the 4th Duke supposedly used for gambling with his cronies. Much later the streams were further damned and the two lakes were formed.

And this is the view in the opposite direction.

Many folks come to visit the house and  grounds. They come for a variety of reasons, be it for weddings in The Orangery, the history, the beautiful scenery or perhaps just a bit of scavenging

The following are just a few snaps taken around the grounds.

The Column of Victory
Entrance – Blenheim Palace
Architectural Features – Blenheim
A Cheeky Shot
Chestnut Blossom
The Cascade – Blenheim Palace
The Lake Below The Cascades
The Boat House with Blenheim Palace above and behind

For other pix please take a look at my Flickr photostream, just click the link over to the right.

2 thoughts on “Blenheim Palace”

  1. I’ve spent an enjoyable afternoon exploring the grounds of Blenheim. It’s really nice there. I haven’t made it inside the palace though, which is supposedly something special. The childhood home of Winston Churchill no less.

    1. Yes the house is special. My wife and I did the house a couple of years ago. You can’t take in all the details so multiple visits are the order of the day. It was too nice on Saturday so we only did the grounds this time round.

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