Up The Swanny

Out of the blue, a phone call from our grandson, and an offer of an evening trip up the Swan River, on Christmas Eve. Being our wedding anniversary, what better way to round off the day. Few details were provided other than that we needed to be present at the East Street Jetty for around 19:00.… Continue reading Up The Swanny

Tis The Season To Be Wary

Please excuse the play on words. It may be Christmas but, down here in Oz, it is the height of summer, in fact Monday was the longest day. Being the longest day may have a different meaning for the various folks involved in fighting the bush fires raging across the country. With temperatures up in the… Continue reading Tis The Season To Be Wary

Northam, Pelicans, Kookaburras, Bushfires and a Good Samaritan

Continuing our general exploration of the Perth region we headed out to the township of Northam. The main reason for heading that way is that Northam is said to have the largest number of historic buildings in Western Australia (other than Fremantle). Northam is just over 30 Km north of York, which we have visited before,… Continue reading Northam, Pelicans, Kookaburras, Bushfires and a Good Samaritan

Point Walter

Over the last few days we have been discussing getting in a bit of fishing. This kind of talk then leads one into a discussion about possible venues. During previous visits I have fished various locations, including Coogee Pier – produced blowies until the dolphin came Woodman Point – Produced a Snook and a couple… Continue reading Point Walter

Adventures in the Antipodes

Grand title. Hopefully I will find something of interest to back it up. My wife and I have begun a holiday in WA (Western Australia). So, for the next few weeks my posts will be centred around Perth. We are planning to take a trip down south, perhaps taking in Esperance, Albany, Augusta and Margaret River.… Continue reading Adventures in the Antipodes

Bussleton Jetty

Bussleton Jetty

Bussleton Jetty, 1.8Km long. 2nd longest wood jetty in the world. Has the UWO (Under Water Observatory) at the end where you can go below to see the various fish and other creatures on the sea bed and also on the jetty pilings. Some interesting plaques to read along the way. Well worth the long walk although there is a train which was in for maintenance the day we visited.